Clackamas Community College Sculpture Build-Off

Reed Rothschild

On June 13th -14th of 2008 Clackamas Community College hosted it's 3rd Annual Sculpt-Off. Organized by welding instructor Reed Rothschild the Sculpt-Off features by special invitation professional sculptors from around the region. During the three day event materials are supplied and the artists are given free reign of the metal arts department and it's state of the art equipment. Though not organized by Pacific NW Sculptors Reed gave our members a special invitation to observe the event close up. PNWS sees this event as having world class potential and will work with Reed and Clackamas Community College in the future to help insure this event becomes traditon.

Participants and those with work for sale included:

Carole Murphy, Ray Huston, Brent Lawrence, Harold Walton, Don and Joyce Kemper, Rick Gregg, Reed Anthony Rothschild, Mylan Rakich, Dennis Peacock, Jesse Swickard, Laurel Marie Hagner, Devin Laurence Field, Alisa A. Looney, Jay Moody, David Thompson, Lee Kelly/D'nita Carbone, Julian Voss-Andreae, Bill Wilson, Bert Romans, Doug Mosley, Marty Eichinger, Francisco Salgado and Mike Suri.

Carole Murphy


Free Bin

Julian Voss Andreae

Susan Levin

Bert Romans

Ray Huston Welding

Rick Gregg

Sculpting Yard

Pacific Northwest Sculptors  4110 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. #302,  Portland, Or.  97214