Alisa F. Roe

August Trunk
Mild Steel, Aliphatic Urethane Finish
6.5'h x 5'w x 10.5'd
Lk. Oswego
Gallery Without Walls Exhibition

Artist's Profile

Artist Statement:

I cut, bend, hammer and assemble steel into abstracted representative forms. I enjoy composing in three-dimensions; working to move the viewer around and within the shapes of my compositions. I hope that their pleasure in viewing the positive and negative spaces will be the first step in thinking and talking about my work. My own thinking, and response to the issues of our day, has been expressed in a variety of functional pieces; fire pits, deck panel and a stair railing as well as sculptural forms that are driven by the beauty of the shapes and the simple pleasure that the viewer derives.

My artwork to date has all been of mild steel fabricated with a combination of MIG and TIG welding processes. I am exploring both stainless steel and corten steel in my newest work.

Artist Bio:

I have always perceived the world through the filters of relative shape, texture, color, and form and enjoy designing these elements in compositions moving within space. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington in art- history in 1979, spent years raising my family and am now finding my heart and passion in my artistic explorations.

I have exhibited work in The Big Rock Garden in Bellingham Washington, Cedarhurst Biennial Sculpture Competition and Exhibition in Mt. Vernon Illinois, and in The Gallery Without Walls Exhibition in Lake Oswego, Oregon. A portion of any proceeds from sales support the non profit work of Anansi. Please see their work at:

“August Trunk” at left, was inspired by a safari trip to see elephants. As a possible representative of the African continent, it begs a consideration of, and a response to, the immense environmental, political and health issues facing many of the countries there.

501 16th Street

Comissioned Staircase
Powder-coated mild steel

“501 16th Street” is a commissioned stair railing for a home looking over a bay. The movement of the water and flow of that energy is shown in the positive and negative solids and voids of this composition, and is thematically repeated in the surface treatment of round designs moving to square.

“Precarious” represents the position in which individuals and societies often find themselves. Here, three abstracted basalt columns are shown with the two tallest reflecting positive and negative images of each other, only slightly shifted. An egg is shown balancing on the sloping edge of the smallest column. “Life” feels at risk but each viewer is free to write their own story with the questions raised. Time is very much an element of the story.


Clear powder-coated mild steel
57"h x 38.5"w x 46.5"d

94"w x 64"h x 17"d

Fireplace Mantle
Waxed mild steel

This fireplace mantle shelf with the visually supportive log ends and flanking flame upright forms is in a private home and was part of a remodel for a new fireplace insert. The piece is made of mild steel that has been painted and then waxed to compliment the tone of the tile and stone hearth. The inspiration of the element forms is obvious, but the need for symmetry and the desire for energy within the relief design was a nice challenge.

Fire-pit “Evolution” is a functional composition of shapes representing the evolution of life form from the oceans onto the land, the upheaval of the mountains and flight into the skies. The story is told in a series of eight panels. The fire dish is removable.

Firepit - Evolution

Clear powder-coated mild steel
27"h x 36" d

Firepit - Irony

Clear powder-coated mild steel
27"h x 36" d

Fire-pit “Irony” is an eight-panel depiction of the wonder and beauty of trees and the irony of their celebration in a fire-pit designed to enjoy the warm glow of burning wood.

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