George E. MacDonald

Beaverton, OR
(503) 313-7443

" Erosion v "
(Human engineered and natural geological formations form niches during the erosion process)


Artist's Statement

Art has always been my passion ever since childhood. Life's many journeys have given me inspiration for much of my subject matter. My exploration of the human story- both physically and spiritually, has inspired themes expressed throughout my work.

Over the years, I pursued my art In many ways,through photography, drawing, painting, woodcarving, and design. In my early twenties, I decided to travel throughout Europe, and Scandinavia, exploring world of art. And viewing the works of the masters. Upon my return home, I became passioned to begin sculpture! A few years later, I received a commission to do "The Last Supper"

Three years ago, my Son, Scott, an accomplished artist, and myself, began working together to create a series of niches, several of which have either been sold, placed in parks, or other public places, on lease!

I love working with nature as my subject matter. The human figure fascinates me, both abstract, and realistic. I believe that our art should Make a statement, speak out against violence,oppression, hunger, hatred, environmental destruction, abuse, etc. It's up to us!

G.E. MacDonald

Ancient Warrior
Ceramic with Bronze Patina


Street War
(Protest Against Violence)

Ceramic with Bronze Patina in Steel Frame

15" x 30"

A Childs's Facsination
Marble Base Ceramic with Bronze Patina




Reclining Male

12"x8" x4"

Pacific Northwest Sculptors  4110 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. #302,   Portland, OR 97214