Jim Johnson

1585 High St. SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 363-8628

Raven Dancer

Cast Bronze, ht 24"

Artist's Biography

Jim was born 10/28/35 in Omaha, Nebraska. Jim graduated from high school in Coquille, Oregon. Jim then graduated from Oregon State University in 1958 where he majored in Industrial Arts education and minored in Arts and Crafts. During the years 1966 to 1968 Jim studied painting and wood block printing with Kinji Uehara a member of the Shin-jo-ki group in Nagoya, Japan. At that time he also studied with Shizuo Takato and Katuhiro Saito Both well known sculptors in the Nagoya - Toyota area. In 1967 Jim’s sculpture was accepted by Ni-Ten, Japan”s largest art group. During the school year 1975- 76 Jim studied sculpture at Aichi University of Fine Arts, Nagoya, Japan. Jim has had numerous one-man shows and has been part of many group shows both in Japan and in the US. Jim tries to show action and feeling in his work. Over the years he has sculpted nudes, giraffes,burros, birds,children, horses,and musk oxen. Presently Jim is on the Eco-Earth committee and is doing some of the sculpture for the ball.


Bronze, ht 6"


Horse, ht 5"

Silver - $300
Bronze - $250

Napkin Holders

Cast Bronze, ht. 6"


ht. 4"

Small Ram's Head

Cast Bronze, ht. 6"

Salmon Dancer

Cast Bronze, ht 22"

For a number of years I have watched the Northwest Indians dance at the Seattle Folk Life Festival over Memorial Day weekend and have enjoyed the movement and action. Since I donąt remember when I first enjoyed the masks carved by the Northwest Indians, it seemed appropriate as an avid fisherman that my first sculpture should be the Salmon Dancer. I wanted the dancer to be in an authentic traditional costume. From old photos as best as possible, I have tried to do this. When visiting North Vancouver, B.C. I noticed that the Totems first carved in the Totem Park were done by some Danes. It is very important not to copy designs by Northwest Indian Artists, so the designs are my own. If you hadnąt caught it, the design on the rattle is a Viking design, I am half Dane. The masks were first carved in wood, then wax coated; the design was added in wax too. The Dancer pattern was done in wax for casting. I am presently working on a the second of a dancer series, the Raven Dancer.

Sorry Mary, the Inn is Full

Cast Bronze
medium, 24" ht

Moutain Man

ht. 18"

I wanted to do an early white northwest action person. I decided on a mountain man trapping. I then had to do research to see what they wore. There numerous individuals and groups that try to dress and follow their life style. They were helpful in establishing the attire and weaponry. I felt if I were trapping I wouldn't want to get my shoes and pants wet so would take them off him. My wife has Irish ancestry so decided to make him Irish by putting a Irish cap on him.


Cast Bronze
medium, 13" ht
$3,500 for set

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