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54''L X 39''H X 22''W

Don Schuyler

"Life size T-Rex carving using kiln dried African ''Obeche'' medium hardwood. I tried being as dimensionally correct as possible. The carving is . My vision was to make a T-Rex that looked like it was in good health with a good dental plan."

Bad Hair Day

Phil Seder Website

Phil began his sculpting career as a teenager in the early 70’s. In the early 1990’s, after years as a successful high technology manager, Phil began returning to the artistic roots fostered by his artist mother and architect father. Phil is a member of the Pacific Northwest Sculptors Association, an annual participant in Portland Open Studios and other regional shows. Phil works primarily in fabricated metals. While he has created work ranging from figurative to abstract wildlife art, his recent creations have focused on functional art including furniture, sculptural lighting and functional yard art.


15" high

Ron Severson

Ron's work has focused mainly on the figure. As "Ruth" was done from life he tried to capture the peaceful dignity she portrayed in her sitting. for the past thirty plus years he has focused on painting and now has devoted much of his time to the pursuit of sculpture.


7' high

Jan Shield Website

Inside Out


Denise Sirchie Website

"Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for. It is something to be achieved."

~ William Jennings Bryan

Tug of War

16" x 16"

Lyn Simon

Mild Steel

Metal - Grinder - Torch

Oya Dances

Heather Soderberg Website

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Oya is the Spirit of the Wind in African mythology. The word Oya is the name given to describe a complex convergence of spiritual forces that form the foundation of Oya's role in the Spirit Realm related to the movement between energy and form as it moves throughout the Universe.

The function of Oya is to provide those changing conditions that force consciousness to grow, expand and transcend its limitations. The Wind is at the heart of Oya's power and makes Oya an essential part in those ceremonies which honor the memory of the Ancestors. Oya is the guardian of the realm between life and death. She stands at the gate of the cemetery, to assist those when they make their final transition in this world, She is the last breath that you take.

She is seen in aspects of warrior-goddess of wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic. She creates hurricanes, lightning and tornadoes, which are said to be her whirling skirts as she dances. Oya is the goddess of change, transition, and the chaos that often brings it about.

No Throw Pillows

Lisa Strout Website


I try to slow my world down through my sculpture, constantly trying to reinterpret what I see and incorporating it into my art. In my cement sculpture, I take everyday objects we perceive as soft and recreate them as something hard, forcing the viewer to take a second look.

Battle of the Centaurianess

Teresa Sullivan Website


Teresa Sullivan creates sculptures made entirely of glass beads and thread. This piece was inspired by the cover of the March 1952 issue of Planet Stories magazine, illustrating the story, "Battle of the Centaurianess (Female Warriors Raided the Galaxy to Fill Their Harems on Alpha Centauri)". See Teresa's website to view this and other works that celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary.


34" x 14" x 44"

Sara Swink Website

My ceramic works are personal narratives that reflect the inner workings of my psyche and its preoccupations. It’s not that I decide to do this, it’s just what happens, so I’ve learned to allow--and cultivate--this process. I see art objects as symbols of empathic connection between inner and outer worlds that invite an exchange between conscious and unconscious forces. It is at this threshold that memories, feelings, insights, and new possibilities for expression arise. I offer workshops on creative process methodology for artists and non-artists.


12" tall

Jim Talt Website

Encaustic wax on Birch ply

"The artistic creative process is a rewarding experience. If you find something in any of my art that gives you pause to reflect, then the art succeeded in some small way and I am further rewarded."


Tim Tanner


Monument in Right Feet Major

8' x 9' x 4'

Todji Website

My sculptures make welcome the West’s displaced archetypes of nature divinity, individual divinity, goddess power, fertility, virility, yin and yang, which are all encompassed by Todji’s principle of Infinite Spiritual Truths.

Fertility Petroglyph

Jill Torberson Website

At the Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale , Washington

Photo courtesy of the artist

Fire Dance

Ed. 30

Jill Perry Townsend Website


Jill Perry Townsend holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She has worked as an illustrator, graphic artist,art director, creative director, potter and painter. In 2002 she returned to her first true love,sculpting the figure and portrait in clay. Her sculpture studio is located in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Turtle Dove I

Carole Turner Website



Laurie Vail

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Standard sized office chair embellished with gas tanks, tail pipes and assorted other motorcycle parts.

Rising from the Rubble

Judy Vantress

Rotating Helix

6’ x 21’ x 6’

Paul Vexler Website

Douglas fir, Mahogany

This rotating helix is 21 feet long and six feet in diameter. It weighs about 75 lbs and rotates one revolution per minute. It is made from scrap wood which would otherwise be burned or composted. The motor is totally quiet and uses as much power as a 10 watt light bulb. It was made in my workshop and installed in one day.

Bremen Town Musicians

16" x 5" x 8"

Sandy Visse


From and old Grimm's Fairy Tale.

Quantum Man, 2009

126” x 55” x 25” (320 m x 140 cm x 60 cm)
Location: The Bravern, Bellevue, WA

Julian Voss-Andreae Website


Stainless steel

Julian Voss-Andreae is a Germany-born sculptor now based in Portland, Oregon. He did his graduate research in Quantum Physics in Anton Zeilinger's lab in Vienna, Austria, after which he attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art, graduating with a BFA in sculpture in 2004. Voss-Andreae's art offers a sensual experience of a world that is usually accessible only through the intellect.

Photographer: Michael Walmsley


Maria Wickwire Website

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Give Me Comfort

Virginia Wolf Website

Statuario Marble

Please visit my website virginiawolfsculpture.com

Little Mermaid

9"h x 9"w x 6"d

Jerry "Woody" Woodbury


Oregon Caves

Jackie Woodward Website

Oregon carving stone, bamboo, copper wire

Dollie Llama

57” tall x 16”wide x 61” from snout to tail

Susan Wright Website

Whimsical soft sculpture fabricated with quilting fabrics and embellishments applied over a frame

Pacific Northwest Sculptors  4110 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. #302,  Portland, Or.  97214