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Hard Time

Bronze, 18" high

Paige Lambert

Sculptor, bronze-clay- bas relief
Figurative and portraiture

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Clock I

Susan Levine Website


Clocks are my specialty. I think of them as sculptures that happen to tell time. Doing a clock gives me an enormous freedom of form, and I love the way the moving part (all my clocks have pendulums) calls attention to the artpiece . The mechanisms used run with a AA battery which generally lasts one to two years.


Kim Lewis

Colorado Marble, Gold Leaf, Rosewood

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Rock Candy

12" h

David Lochtie Website

Painted Cement

Heart Connection

Alisa A. Looney


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G.E. MacDonald


Last One Standing


Elaine Mackay


Heaven, Earth, and What's Inbetween

48" x 72" x 6"

Julie Martin Website

Polybronze, enamel, goldleaf, silverleaf, crayon, colored pencil

In recent years, I've developed a technique for casting puzzles which turns these inexpensive, temporal items into long-lasting, virtually indestructible works of art. From the beginning I was fascinated with the concept of taking something that is traditionally flat and making it three dimensional, taking something inexpensive and making it something of value, and taking something that falls apart easily and turning it into something of permanence.
The use of playing cards and puzzles represent the transient, temporal nature of our existence while the use of child-like rendering and precious metals underscores a sense of vulnerability and fateóand how dear, however imperfect, our experiences are in this life.

Of Flesh and Pearls

17"H x 12"W x 9"D

Joni Mitchell Website

Marble and Pearls

Joni is a representational figurative sculptor. Her background in Radiology has given her knowledge of human anatomy; therefore most of her work is of the human form. She hopes to speak to the viewerís heart and soul as her work is an extension of her soul and life experience. She has chosen to sculpt in stone because she enjoys the synergy of expression it conveys, has a deep respect for the history of the material and an appreciation for the aspects that it contributes to her work. She feels that the finished piece is the evidence of her interaction with the stone and thus a collaborative effort of expression

Up in Arms

Richard Moore III Website



Pam Mummy Website

I have always been infatuated with the human face. I often think that I will someday run out of fascinating people to sculpt, but it hasnít happened yet. We are all so diverse and intriguing, and we cannot resist the attraction of our own species, whether beautiful or grotesque. We strive to be unique and we strive to fit inÖwe are complicated.

The Egg Sisters

Carole Murphy Website

Pozzalanic Stone

My intention is to touch others in a way that either shakes them or supports them in altering, enhancing or augmenting their view of the world... Sculpting gives me voice, aligns me with my path and brings me home.

Passing the Time

Kenetic Sculpture

Ken Patton Website


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Stainless Steel


Autoclaved Aerated Cement

Kevin Poe


Joey Pogan Website

Made from found metal objects


Joe Powers Website

Growing up I spent the majority of my free time outdoors, primarily in the mountains of Washington and Idaho. Consequently that is where I am most comfortable and draw my biggest inspiration.
I started drawing and carving wood as a child and in 1975 learned to weld as a means of paying the bills. In the early 1990ís all paths met, resulting in a new found passion for everything. Since that time Iíve been creating three dimensional sculptures in carbon and stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.
My work started mainly as animals, birds, and fish, but has grown from structural, functional, and decorative sculpture to human and mythological figures. Lately Iíve been working on pieces that deal with the subject of social consciousness particularly of man and nature and the responsibilities we all share. My desire is that people who view my work will take away a greater feeling of connection with the natural world and a sense of hope for the future

The Sensual Wave

25" x 18" x 7"

Fortunato Ramirez Website

Redwood Burl

Art is the substance of my life. Iíve always had a natural attraction to and been inspired by Nature's palette. As I have traveled through life it has led me to the art world. I compose and create with lines from Nature and use the combination of its sensual lines and curves for the visions of my sculptures. Sustainability is a passion of mine and so I work with sustainable materials Ė we need people to work harmonically with nature so that we don't overwhelm its balance with our actions.

St. Anthony and Child

75" x 28" x 20"

Mardie Rees Website


August Trunk

Alisa F. Roe

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I cut, bend, hammer and assemble steel into abstracted representative forms. I enjoy composing in three-dimensions; working to move the viewer around and within the shapes of my compositions. I hope that their pleasure in viewing the positive and negative spaces will be the first step in thinking and talking about my work.


David Rosenzweig Website

 The sculptures created by David Rosenzweig evoke a theme that celebrates life, making his figures an exciting addition to any private or public collection. "My goal in sculpture is to communicate a spirit that embodies freedom, beauty and grace. In the series of dancers I hope to capture the viewer's attention through my use of gesture, simplicity and flowing composition. Each sculpture has a personality, a unique story to tell through its fluid and dynamic pose."

Comforted among the mourners...

Joan Rudd Website

8" high
Limited Edition 1/10

Pacific Northwest Sculptors  4110 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. #302,  Portland, Or.  97214