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Susan Gallacher-Turner Website

Metal mesh
32"h x 16"w x 7"d

Susan’s sculptures evoke the spirit and mystery of the natural world. The Elements and Seasons series are free-standing metal mesh sculptures. Her masks include real and mythical animals in copper, brass and aluminum. The magical realist copper repoussé landscapes are finished with chemical and heat patina. The Shapeshifter & Myth series combine media including clay sculpture, metal masks, and copper repoussé. Outdoor work includes copper repoussé as well as various metal masks and birds.

Tashi Delek

Michelle Gallagher Website

26"h x 13"w x 8"d

Stoneware clay, handbuilt construction, fired in oxidation, commercial glazes


7"h x 13"w x 9"d
Cast in 2008

Robert Gigliotti Website


While I was working on my bachelor's degree in the social sciences I knew that I wanted to do creative but I didn't know what. My high school had zero classes in art. I bought a camera and started taking pictures. A few years after I graduated I decided to go back to college to study photography. In the process I had to take other art electives. I signed up for a sculpture class thinking it might be too difficult for me. I fell in love with it and have been doing it ever since. That was in 1973. I recently started doing woodblock prints as well.

The Prophetess

Leroy Goertz Website


Bear Fountain

11.5" x 11" x 10"

Patrick Gracewood Website

Photo: Bronze Bear fountain, 1/3. Commissioned for a collector's private garden.
Patrick Gracewood has over twenty years experience as both fine artist and commercial sculptor. Gracewood Studio offers portraits of people and animals; memorial and commemorative bronzes; architectural relief panels, sculpture services and prototypes. Commissions accepted.
For the collector seeking beautifully crafted, unique sculpture, contact Patrick Gracewood.


Rick Gregg Website

Hand-forged Welded Steel


Sacred Flow

Clay, Glass and Nails
15" x 12" x 13"

Jo Grishman Website

I am a collaborator with nature, often using found objects in my clay sculpture. My greatest inspiration is my motherhood and nature. Working with clay is a tactile, spiritual interaction. It's a dance as the image emerges and takes on a life form of it's own. The story gradually reveals itself and not always upon completion of the piece. It is a gradual unfolding.......

Poofy Dinosaur

George Heath Website

Ceramic   14"h x 10"w

Imagine if you will the issues confronting a carnosaur in touch with his sensitive side.

Columbia Gorge Vista House

Jeanne Henry Website


Based on photographic studies, this piece depicts the entrance to the Columbia River Gorge at Crown Point. Other new work are revolving pieces depicting a tour of the gorge. Each revolving piece turns for 60 seconds, from the wide entrance of the Gorge, past Crown Point, Multnomah Falls, moving through columns of basalt to Cascade views. Jeanne transforms her photographs into a progression of views that wrap around a 25 lb. thrown cylinder of clay. Taking a week to carve, each piece is slowly dried, glazed with clay slips, oxides and stains, then high fired. View this revolving piece at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRfKAXHulPU.

La Ria

Joseph Highfill Website

Joseph has created the first sculpture in his new series Man and the Environment. The first sculpture called "La Ria" (the estuary) went to the foundry in mid March. In this artwork the sculptor is interested in the beauty and the angst in the boundary between nature and humanity.

Knots Happen

Aerated Concrete
14" x 16" x 16"

Eileen Holzman Website

The mingling of dynamic energies combined with colorful shapes and forms have been the focus of many of my 2-D and 3-D abstract water media paintings. I have found my inspiration from mechanical sources, even steam locomotives and have been able to satisfy my love for abstraction along the way. Themes of nature recur within my abstractions as both concepts are expressed simultaneously.

Religeous Crutch

Ray Huston



Manuel Izquierdo



welded steel copper and bronze mesh
24" h

Jim Johnson

Artist Profile
Additional Images

Tree of Life


Jeff Jolly Website

The best Bonsai trees are ones that have been twisted, bent, denied water, and pushed to the limits of their very existence. A straight tree is not as beautiful as one that has gone through those trials. People are the same way. You don’t choose the stresses that you go through, but by doing so, you have a grace and beauty that you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

The Beginning


Richard Jones Website

In the words of Jun Kaneko, "I will produce art that will give off enough energy to shake the air around it." This is what I strive for and is my motto for my work. My driftwood sculptures show emotion and motion. I collect the driftwood from the shores of the San Juan Islands, Columbia River and Salmon Creek where I reside. Each piece is a gift that has come to rest after a long journey. My pieces that are to be placed outdoors are treated with tung oil to help preserve them. They are durable, intriquing, and make for great public art. Let their energy touch you.

Hey Mom

Yvonne Kitchen Website


Pacific Northwest Sculptors  4110 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. #302,  Portland, Or.  97214